Finding Constructive Solutions To Your Family Law Issues

Marietta, Georgia Family Law Attorney

Family disputes affect your rights, financial security, and children. Whether you are facing a divorce, are involved in a custody dispute, domestic abuse, or paternity case, you should have strategic and experienced counsel to assert your rights. My name is Roger J. Rozen , and I am an experienced family law attorney located in Marietta, Georgia. I have extensive experience in family law. I am committed to providing each client with the aggressive advocacy, resources, and skills necessary to succeed in a family case.

With a comprehensive approach to your case, I take the time to understand your immediate and future needs and work to obtain a beneficial solution for your family. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

Family law cases often involve very emotional issues. As your attorney, I take the time to understand your unique situation and your concerns and will provide the advocacy you need to successfully resolve your case. Whether working through a divorce settlement, obtaining a domestic abuse restraining order, or asserting your rights to custody, I have the resources, skills, and experience to succeed in your case.

As your family law attorney I can provide the following services:

  • Handle all aspects of your contested or uncontested divorce , including child custody, support, and asset division
  • Work towards a resolution and lasting solution for your family through mediation or arbitration in appropriate cases
  • Aggressively assert your rights to child support or defend you against unmanageable support obligations
  • Seek maximum spousal support or alimony or defend you against support obligations to a former spouse
  • Protect your interests at the time of property division , including real estate interests, complex asset division, and debts
  • Help you establish or challenge paternity to protect your rights in a custody or support case
  • Assist you in enforcement or modification of existing orders related to a prior family law case, including orders involving support or parenting time
  • Protect your rights in a domestic violence case including obtaining or defending against a Temporary Protective Order (TPO)

Free consultations • Spanish translators available • Credit cards accepted• Evening and weekend appointments available • Conveniently located 2 blocks from the Cobb County Courthouse

Contact Roger J. Rozen for a free consultation with an experienced Marietta, Georgia lawyer. With 29 years of experience, I effectively assert your rights in a family law case including divorce, child custody, child or spousal support, or property division.