Eliminating Consequences Regarding Shoplifting And Theft Charges

While seemingly minor, a shoplifting and petty theft conviction can become a part of your permanent criminal record. Such a conviction can deprive you of the opportunity to obtain certain jobs and can lead to the suspension of a professional license. It can mean being on probation and considered a violation of your parole.

You need an advocate on your side when such charges arise who will fight for you no matter how large or small the charges may be. As a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer, I have been defending individuals from such charges in Marietta, northern Atlanta, Cobb County, Cherokee County, and throughout Georgia for over 35 years. I will do what is necessary to reduce the consequences of such theft charges as much as possible. This includes fighting for your acquittal in court.

Property Crimes Representation

Besides shoplifting and theft, I provide representation concerning a wide variety of property crimes. This includes:

  • Misdemeanor theft and felony theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Credit card fraud
  • Embezzlement

I understand the criminal defense process. I will be there during the entire process and represent you both in negotiations and in court.

Helping You Understand All Of Your Legal Options

When meeting with me at the office of Roger J. Rozen, Attorney at Law, I will get to know your circumstances in depth. I will help you understand what the legal process will be like, and I will provide you a frank assessment of all the possible consequences that can follow a possible conviction.

While my principal job is to fight for an acquittal for you, sometimes this is not possible. In those circumstances, I will use my experience and skill to minimize the penalties you receive and do what I can to keep a theft conviction off of your record. This sometimes means working out a plea deal with county attorneys to setup alternative sentencing or agree to possible restitution in return for reduction of charges.

I understand that every criminal case — including those involving property crimes — is unique. I will therefore create a legal strategy that fits your individual circumstances and meets your specific needs. I will carefully review all police reports, discover whether law enforcement officers obtained evidence properly, and make certain that there was no violation of your individual rights.

Contact My Office For A Free Initial Consultation

You can contact Roger J. Rozen, Attorney at Law, by calling 770-615-7394. My office is conveniently located two blocks from the Cobb County Courthouse. As well as offering free initial consultations, my office also can arrange for Spanish translators to be available.